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Amazon Adsense-How to Implement Amazon and Adsense


Here area unit some tips of however i’d suggest implementing the two ad networks if you opt to do this out.

First, Amazon tends to figure higher as text links at intervals your content instead of banner ads.

So, do not place a giant 300×250 Amazon Associates banner ad in your content – its less effective (typically).

Instead, link the text at intervals your content to Amazon any time you mention the merchandise or product connected phrases.

Even have a decision to action close to the tip asking the scaner to read a lot of regarding the merchandise, or consider the evaluation of the merchandise

The other decision to action that may encourage them to click on the link and think about the merchandise in Amazon.


Google Adsense on the opposite hand will work well as Ad units.

I even have mentioned a couple of times within the past a number of the simplest Google Adsense ad placements here.

In general, the ads that area unit within the content and on top of the fold can perform the simplest.

I sometimes suggest a medium or massive parallelogram unit slightly below the title either right or left even.

This is often aiming to be your highest click through rate unit possibly.

How to Increase Earnings Amazon


You will ought to monitor your earnings to create positive that adding Amazon or Adsense doesn’t decrease your overall revenue.

If having Amazon on your web site takes away a lot of from your Adsense earnings than it adds, then do not make love.

Obviously, you may ought to check and monitor your earnings over a couple of months to see what works best. additionally,

You ought to continuously be willing to check out totally different layouts to visualize what provides you the best click through rate and earnings.

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