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Fuzzy’s Taco Shop – 201 Photos & 58 Reviews – Mexican 2019

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop – 201 Photos & 58 Reviews – Mexican 2019

Fuzzy Taco Founder Paul Willis, is Dead at forty eight

The urban center Business Journal reports the founding father of Fuzzy’s Taco look, Paul Willis, died Wed night at his target Fort Worth.

He was 48. The explanation for death is unknown. Willis based the currently burgeoning taco chain in 2001 close to TCU in Fort Worth.

He sold his building in 2003 to restaurateurs, Alan and Chuck Bush, UN agency rolled the kitschy conception across ten states.

There ar presently seventy three locations. DFW.com reports Willis’ family aforementioned he was a diabetic and had quadruple bypass surgery 2 years past.

Update: This data was simply released:

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Expands, Surpasses 150 Locations

Paul Willis, the old owner UN agency was concerned in a very range of alternative DFW, Houston, Memphis, Oklahoma City, and city restaurants, as well as Fuzzy’s Taco look, Yucatan Peninsula Taco Stand, and Gas Monkey Bar n Grille, was found dead in his Fort Worth home Wed night.

He was 48. The explanation for death was heart connected.

His sister, LeeAnn Willis, said. “He wont to come back up with every kind of creations that he would cook on holidays for the family.

He simply had a passion for change of state.”

Born Jan. 14, 1966, Mr. Willis grew up within the Netherlands wherever his father was within the craft repair business.

He attended the cooking Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. Often Mr. Willis would style the conception and/or the menu, and march on to his next project.

In 2001, sensing a desire within the TCU-area faculty market, he opened the first Fuzzy’s Taco look.

Fuzzy’s has thrived since father-and-son team Alan and Chuck Bush bought out the first location in 2003.

Chuck Bush treasured Willis’ conception, that has since developed into a franchise, starting with a second Fuzzy’s in 2007.

The corporate has big to just about eighty locations, several of them in TX however some as way as Wisconsin and South geographical region.

Mr. Willis unbroken going, innovation Yucatan Peninsula Taco fill in Fort Worth in 2008, that has currently big with franchises currently within the Woodlands and Oklahoma City with 2 a lot of gap in DFW next year;

He was conjointly concerned in Pedro’s trailer camp, Buffalo Gap chophouse, Buffalo Cantina Mexican room & Tequileria, Buffalo West, Ruby Tuesdays, Black Eye Pea, and conjointly worked for a year

Mr. Willis’ last project was Gas Monkey Bar n Grill in urban center, that he was concerned in from April to July of 2013.

The Gas Monkey Bar N Grille (GMBG), a themed building in urban center once the hit Discover Channel show quick and Loud with Richard Rawlings.

Company cook, David Hollister, completed the menu once Paul left the project.

Paul was the inspiration and thrust behind the planning, look and feel of the building from origin.

The inside is formed of rescued wood and metal options giving it a contemporary industrial vibration.

Per Ben E. Keith, that Gas Monkey Bar n Grill, is largest volume gap they’ve had within the Metroplex within the past twenty years.

His talent went way on the far side the room.

He was a real genius UN agency really understood food, design, ideas and what works during which marketplace.

He are going to be lost.

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