Huawei ban: Android Q update set to come to P30, P20 and more, despite ban by Google

Why Google stopped serving companies like Huawei?

Currently, the tech industry’s hottest tech tech giant Google has cut ties with Huawei so that Huawei’s devices will no longer receive updates on Android’s next version,

But even more alarming is that Huawei’s new mobile will come to market on Google, There will be no popular apps like Maps, YouTube Gmail. Undoubtedly,

This event is a major push for the world’s second-largest smartphone-making firm.

Everything I’m going to discuss google today in this post –    

  • For what reason does Google decide to not provide Huawei with Android?     
  • Is Huawei going to take action against Google’s decision?     What could be the future of Huawei?     
  • Huawei excludes countries other than the United States So let’s start the main discussion.

According to the current smartphone market share data, Huawei’s market share in the global smartphone market is 5%. Which is not too far from Samsung in the first place.

If Huawei’s device sales rate is the same, Huawei is expected to be the company with the highest market share of the smartphone market by 2021.

However, Huawei has been a big hit in the smartphone market in the event of Google’s ties with Huawei.

Why did Google stop serving the company like Huawei?


We need to go back a bit to find out the main reason why Google will no longer provide services to Huawei.

Many of us know about China’s recent trade war with the United States. Many are calling this war the Third World War.

US President Donald Trump thinks “opening the US market to China was a fatal mistake” And China’s trade deficit was $ 4 billion ($ 6 billion), overnight President Trump imposed a $ 20 billion tax on Chinese goods overnight.

China also imposes a $ 1 billion tax on US products. As a result, diplomatic wars that lasted for years took the form of trade wars.

Earlier, Huawei chief finance officer (CFO) Meng Wenzhou was arrested from Canada on December 5 last year.

Who is the daughter of the founder of Huawei Company. He was accused of trading 3G technology in violation of US sanctions imposed on Iran.

The United States has been complaining for some time, even though the name is not mentioned.

However, without mentioning the name, it was clear that the Chinese giant Huawei was its target.

“There is enough information and evidence from the United States that Huawei is taking over US data,” according to an April 9 international media Reuters report“.

The United States officially blacklisted Huawei on May 7th. And just 5 days later, Google announced that they would no longer provide Android services to Huawei.

Google is banning what things !

Android-owned company Google has announced in recent days that Huawei should not use Android. I made the decision on Sunday, May 7, in a statement. As a result of this decision –

  • Huawei will not get security updates and technical support from Google
  • Huawei’s new smartphones will not be popular apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Playstore, Chrome browser.     
  • However, the software on the open source platform will remain active.     
  • Huawei’s current customers will not be included in this list.     Even the
  • Huawei mobile phones that are in the market will be available on the Android operating system.

Just Google?


Not just Google, Huawei’s mobile chips and US and European establishments have announced to suspend all supply.

That includes renowned chip makers like Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom. However, according to a Bloomberg report,

They have stored the chips required for at least 6 months before Huawei can handle the entire incident.

What is Huawei saying?


After Google’s sanctions came, it was revealed that Huawei was working on their own operating system, Hongmeng. They also denied allegations of espionage brought against them.

How much of an impact will this have on Huawei users?

Google recently confirmed in a tweet that current Huawei customers will be able to use the Android operating system without any problems.

They can also use popular features like Google Play, Chrome Browser and Google Map. However,

They will not get the latest version of Android. After the incident, Huawei confirmed that they will be providing security and updates to the Huawei device.

What could be the future of Huawei?

Huawei is expected to become the largest smartphone company by 2021, following the growth of smartphone marketshare.

But that may not be the case after the recent incident. Overall market may be understood a little later but Huawei’s sales rate in Bangladesh market is expected to decline at an alarming rate.

This push may not be a problem for Huawei in the Chinese market as most Google services in China are closed. But how they handle it in countries like Asia and Europe remains to be seen.

Chinese patriotism and Apple call for exclusion of goods

Chinese citizens have expressed their anger over the Huawei ban issue. And on social media, they have called for the exclusion of Apple products.

Apple Product Exclusion was once called after Huawei Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhu was arrested in December last year. But this time the situation is different.

However, popular US websites like YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter are already closed in China.

Huawei excludes countries other than the United States

It is not the case that the UK is the only one who has blacklisted Huawei. Earlier, countries like Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom banned the use of Huawei technology for 3G expansion.

Huawei has been working for a long time on the network expansion business beyond mobile devices. Establishment Huawei, the world’s largest telecom network equipment maker for 25 years.

Huawei has long been suspected of being a spy by Western and European countries.

The idea is that under pressure from the Chinese government, they will be able to lean on foreign telecom systems.

The suspicion is that Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei served in the army for a long time before the establishment of Huawei in 1.

Therefore, Huawei’s allegations of espionage and information trafficking are not new.

Now, the only thing that remains to be seen is how China handles the US push and Huawei’s push by Google. If you like the information I give you, I would like to share it with everyone.

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